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At Californians for the Arts, we’ve done an impressive job of building public awareness of the arts and advocating for increased state funding levels to over 800% in 5 years. However, we need help advocating for ourselves!

We want to be your viable and sustainable arts advocacy organization to support and benefit all Californians. We need your support to expand our programs, outreach and services and build our capacity to serve the needs of the 5th largest economy in the world and the most populous and diverse state in America. Arts champions deserve a voice and Californians for the Arts is here to represent you.

We work with you and for you.

We rely on our members to be active arts advocates, and in return we promise to deliver quality leadership opportunities, reliable information, and advocacy resources.

Have an ARTS CHAMPION in your life who you'd like to commemorate? 
You can purchase a membership in their honor or memory.

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Together, we are stronger

Become a member of CFTA and show your support to build a sustainable and vibrant California using arts, culture and creativity as the leading drivers for social changeeconomic prosperity and wellness

CFTA’s members include individuals, organizations and businesses from across the state. We are a statewide network of arts organizations of all sizes, artists, arts educators, and citizens who believe all Californians should have access to the arts, that the arts should be valued and supported and there should be public investment and legislation to match our goals.

Our mission is to increase public awareness of the importance of the arts; to ensure that the arts are an ongoing part of the public dialogue; and to encourage Californians to care about the arts as a critical component of their own lives and the lives of their communities.

We cannot do this work without your support. We use our resources wisely to work on behalf of the entire arts community. It takes the financial support of people like you to make our network stronger. 

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More Reasons to Join!

Awesome Stuff

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All membership items will ship at the end of the campaign in July. Designs may be subject to change.

Areas of Advocacy

Policy and Issues

  • Increase and Permanent Public Finding for the Arts

  • Publicly Supported Arts Education

  • Strong Creative Economy

  • Cultural Equity

  • Arts as a tool for Social Change

CFTA is relentless in its efforts when it comes to:

  • Working to increase public spending for the Arts

  • Building relationships with local, state and federal elected officials

  • Tracking legislation in Sacramento and Washington D.C. that impact arts nonprofits and cultural neighborhoods

  • Informing elected officials, policy makers and the media
    about the importance of funding the arts and recognizing how the arts serve California every day

Benefits of Membership:

  • Breaking legislative and budget news, State and Federal

  • Tips and tools to be an effective advocate

  • Advocacy for funding the Arts in California

  • Education Workshops

  • Leadership Trainings

  • Public knowledge programs including April is Arts, Culture and Creativity Month

  • Arts being accessible for all Californians

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Please note many of the organizations listed here are members of California Arts Advocates, our 501(c) 4 advocacy organization. CAA dues contribute to the direct costs of employing a lobbyist and conducting lobbying efforts in support of the arts.

Membership in CAA is reciprocal to CFTA but membership in CFTA is not reciprocal to CAA. To join CAA, please visit