Advocacy Calendar


The California State Legislature and United States Congress convene. Learn about your representatives: what district are you in; where is the nearest local office; what are the relevant phone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses? 

California State Capitol Switchboard (916) 322-9900 out who represents you here:

U.S. House of Representatives Switchboard (202) 225-3121

U.S. Senate Switchboard (202) 456-1414

 Volunteer to help CFTA with the current session and Arts, Culture and Creativity Day and month of activities. 


Write letters to newly elected or re-elected officials, offering congratulations, thanking them for past help, urging support for state funding for the arts, etc. Include your organization’s brochure.  Read CFTA’s monthly emails and and respond to calls-to-action. Recruit friends and family to attend Arts, Culture and Creativity actions with you!


Call three family members or friends and ask them to help in future efforts. Write to the chairs of the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees asking for their commitment to funding the California Arts Council (CAC). Attend the Americans for the Arts Annual Arts Advocacy Conference in Washington D.C. and/or write your House Representative and two Senators to support funding the NEA and national arts-related issues.


Celebrate Arts, Culture and Creativity Month with statewide actions and a day of action and advocacy at the Capitol in Sacramento.


The Governor submits the “May Revise” to the Legislature. E-mail your elected officials and ask for their support for arts funding through the CAC.


The deadline to pass the California State Budget is on June 15. Ask your legislators to support the arts.


Write letters supporting or opposing legislation that impacts the arts in your community. Send copies to the Governor and California Arts Advocates.


Make sure your elected officials and/or district staff people are on your mailing list for invitations to your concerts, openings and/or events. Send them press releases about your organization, and if applicable, send a thank you for a CAC or NEA grant.


The Legislature is in recess. Visit your state legislator in the district office. Invite him/her and/or staff members to an event. 


Plan an event to celebrate California Arts Day? and ask your elected official to attend. Congress targets October 1 for adjournment. Visit your Congress member and state legislator in the district office. Invite him/her and/or staff members to an event.


Vote! Send congratulations to your newly elected officials.


Update your data base with the names of newly elected officials. Volunteer to help CFTA to prepare for the legislative session and Arts, Culture and Creativity actions and day at the Capitol on April 23. Add your legislators to your holiday card list. 

Download PDF of Legislative Calendar for 2019.