LOCA Arts Education by Mike Tauber

LOCA Arts Education receives Business Improvement District (BID) grant funding each year from City of Laguna Beach. Funds allow LOCA to provide visual arts workshops for free, or low cost, to adults and families of any background and economic level.

In 2018 LOCA Conducted 3 BID Funded Programs:

1. Art and Sea Lions at Pacific Marine Mammal Center -for adults & families, attendees view rescued sea lions and enjoy an ocean-themed art class. Low cost.

2. Festival of Mosaics at Festival of Arts - for adults and families, attendees learned to glaze ceramic tiles, tiles became part of a permanent public mural installed by citizens. Free to participants.

3. Laguna Landscapes throughout the City - adults and families learn to paint as taught by prominent local artists. Indoor and outdoor workshops. Free and low cost.

More than 1,000 attendees were served in 2018.  

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Whitney Kear