State Recognition for Artists by Virginia Travers

virginia travers.jpg

I am an artist and film maker from Marin County. I have lived in Marin since 1966 . I am third generation San Franciscan on my fathers side. For the past 4 years, I have been traveling back and forth to the Philippines. One thing that I noticed about the Philippines is their support and love of art . Not just visual, but all forms. EVERYWHERE I went I saw ART.  They have a national program which was put into place in the 1970's which awards artists, writers, filmmakers. etc. which is the Filipino National Artist award. The sidewalk along Manila Bay is lined with sculptures. They have special shows for the recipients of the award. People are encouraged to paint and write. The Philippines has been producing films for 100 years. I think that California should do the same. We have put way too much energy into technology and not nearly enough into the arts. Most young people just download a photo from the internet and call it art. I urge you to travel and see what other countries are doing to support their artists. Without art you have no culture.

Whitney Kear