MenoPosse by Lois Masten

I run an improv group called the MenoPosse.  We are a group of women with an average age of 50.  My story is the existence of this group at all.  I have been an actor for most of my life.  I have produced live theater for the last 12 years.  In the world of comedy, I noticed that it mostly is comprised of young men with the occasional young women tossed into the mix.  As an experienced improv-er, I saw that the voice of the mature woman was completely marginalized. They were just a character in the sets of younger people as they spoke of their wacky mom or out-there grandma.  The voice of older women has been marginalized and almost absent in the world of comedy. 

The MenoPosse changes that.  Our troupe of 5 draws from hundreds of years of collective experience in our improvisations. We are the life givers of the world who nurture the world.  It's time we are heard.  So we are speaking up and have created an improv company like no other.  I think that is something to celebrate. 

Lois Masten - SAG, Actor, Director, Teacher, Producer

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