Early Childhood Education by Sarin Cemcem

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Nicole joined Everybody Dance! in 2010. She initially studied ballet and now takes jazz twice weekly with one of our top instructors, Stephanie Landwehr, a Professional Dancer/Choreographer featured in LA LA Land and Annie. Nicole has taken advantage of our Mentor Match program for the past two years, which has provided her with significant guidance as she has prepared for post-high school college and career. Until she sent us the quote below, we didn't realize that she had been going through some tough times and that our Mentor Match program and dance had really helped her through.

"Last year my older sister had to move back home and I no longer had my own room. It made it hard to study and focus. My grades started to slip and I started to hang out with some people who were doing bad things at school. My Mentor asked me about my grades and I told her. She said there were no excuses. I was responsible for my grades and could turn things around. I did. I started studying more and making new friends who didn’t do bad things. My Mentor and dance supported me through this time. I received the "student of the month" award last month!”

Please visit this link for more information: https://www.everybodydance.org/

Whitney Kear