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Download the Ways to Engage Guide
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Ways to Engage

1. Write an Op-ed in your local newspaper

Writing a letter to the editor of a local newspaper is a quick, simple and free method
of raising the public’s awareness on a topic.  

  • Decide who in your community is writing the op-ed and then submit to your local paper about the impact of arts, culture and creativity in your community. Contact Californians for the Arts if you need specific talking points or data for your district.

  • Use data, tell a compelling impact story.

  • Follow up with supportive letters to the editor.

  • Check out these Op-Ed tips.

2. Bring Arts, Culture & Creativity Month to your community   

  •  Advocate in your county by designating April as the new Arts, Culture & Creativity Month.

  • Ask performing arts or public venues to include ACCM in their curtain speeches.

  • Piggyback on an existing event to raise awareness of Arts, Culture, & Creativity Month.

  • Submit your event to Californians for the Arts for ACCM partnership consideration.

  • Include ACCM logo on existing events and show your participation for arts advocacy!

3. Get to know your Legislators!

  • April 11-20 legislature is in recess. That is great time to visit them them in their district offices!

  • Keep your legislators informed and up-to-date about activities, accomplishments and events. Provide them with information, contacts, and referrals so they can find out more.

  • Get to know your legislators. Find out all you can about their special interests and favorite causes. This information will help you tailor your presentation to legislators' personal interests.

  • Find out what committees legislators are on so that you can target the right official for your issue and know who can make or break a piece of legislation.

4. Spread the word

  • Make the leap from arts supporter to arts activist and facilitate groups to attend Arts, Culture  and Creativity Advocacy Day in SacramentoIN 2020.

  • Educate your network on ACCM’s mission and and share our sponsorship opportunities with like-minded organizations in your area.

  • Utilize social media to help bring awareness. Use the hashtags #ACCM, #ArtsCreate, ArtsCreateImpact #CAisthestateofthearts, #CAfortheArts, @CAfortheArts and tag your representatives i.e. government officials, subcommittees, supervisors, etc.

5. Stage a Public Action

  • Gather in front of your city hall, county office or other public space to celebrate the arts.

  • Parade to highlight the success of arts in your community.

  • Organize an educational workshop or lecture to education your community on art’s impact.

  • Recognize your local legislator.

6. Attend an Arts Advocacy Training

Visit our Advocacy Toolkit page!

Contact us at for more info.


For questions, comments, additional info, advocacy trainings near you,
and Arts Impact story submissions, email

Stay tuned for more ways to engage and the release of our ACCM Advocacy Tool Kit, coming soon!

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