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California is The State of the Arts and should be known as the Leading State of Creativity

Starting in 2019, April is officially Arts, Culture and Creativity Month in the state of California.

We need the public investment to make this a reality for all Californians!

Let's connect, advocate and mobilize our efforts to advance the arts across the state. Want to get involved? Check out our Ways to Engage guide. Want to support the efforts to make our case to legislators about the value and impact of the arts? Donate to ACCM today.




What are we advocating for?

• Support Governor’s Newsom permanent funding increase of $10 million in the 2019 budget
• Recommend continued increased and permanent funding for the arts
• Value arts and culture as creative solutions to pressing societal issues
• Ensure all students have access to arts education and the ed code is enforced
• Support programs that provide for well rounded early childhood resources and to include arts & creativity
• Show our support for the Youth Poet Laureate pending legislation
• Build upon existing legislation for California’s Cultural Districts Program
• Budget request for the California Cultural and Historical Endowment's Museum Grant Program
• Support for AB 398 (Author Asm. Kansen Chu), legislation that would require the state to collect elementary arts data as part of the CALPADS system. An important next step in achieving  high quality arts education for all of California’s students.

How are we going to do it?

• Educate our representatives about the public arts programs that benefit Californians

• Connect, advocate and mobilize

• Build our case and show our strength


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