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We work to create a better California by advancing Arts, Culture & Creativity

We believe arts should be accessible to every Californian. Californians for the Arts believe that the arts are essential to any prosperous and truly democratic society. Especially in a state as diverse and culturally rich as California, the arts serve to give voice to our many communities, spark individual creativity, foster empathy and understanding, spur civic engagement and serve as a continual source of personal enrichment, inspiration and growth.

Throughout the year, Californians for the Arts conducts advocacy trainings across the state, and briefings for elected officials. Starting in 2019, April is officially Arts, Culture and Creativity Month in the state of California.

Let's connect, advocate and mobilize our efforts to advance the arts across the state!



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SEPTEMBER NEWS: For many of us in the arts, fall may symbolize the opening of a new season, the launch of school and after school programs and/or a fourth quarter opportunity to plan for the new year ahead. For Californians for the Arts, fall is about planning as it is for the California Legislature as well.



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Throughout the year, Californians for the Arts conducts advocacy trainings and electoral briefings across the state. Our calendar also features California based events that further our mission through education and advocacy. Click the button below to view our calendar and to access our event submission form.

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We want to be your viable and sustainable arts advocacy organization to support and benefit all Californians. We need your support to expand our programs, outreach and services and build our capacity to serve the needs of the 5th largest economy in the world and the most populous and diverse state in America. Arts champions deserve a voice and Californians for the Arts is here to represent you.